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Welcome to Connecticut.

Restaurant Listings are Alphabetically by Town.

This page is towns Bristol thru Burlington

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Restaurant Type Street Phone Town Map Notes
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99 Restaurant & Pub American 827 Pine St 860-314-9900 Bristol Map N
Angellino's Restaurant Restaurant 650 Farmington Ave 860-589-0669 Bristol Map N
Applewood Restaurant & Diner Restaurant 820 Farmington Ave 860-589-7133 Bristol Map N
Biscayne West Luncheonette Restaurant 173 1/2 West St 860-589-9645 Bristol Map N
Boston Market Deli 45 Farmington Ave 860-314-0102 Bristol Map N
Bristol Pizza Restaurant Pizza 287 West St 860-582-7411 Bristol Map N
Broaster House Restaurant Restaurant 891 Farmington Ave 860-583-1230 Bristol Map N
Burger King Fast Food 1033 Farmington Ave 860-582-0802 Bristol Map N
Burger King Fast Food 18 Federal St 860-583-2369 Bristol Map N
Buster's Drive In Restaurant 884 Terryville Ave 860-589-7509 Bristol Map N
Cacti's Southwest Grill & Bar Restaurant 417 Broad St 860-585-7448 Bristol Map N
Centre Mall Pizza Restaurant Pizza 60 N Main St 860-583-4000 Bristol Map N
Century Buffet Restaurant 623 Farmington Ave 860-583-8883 Bristol Map N
Chalkers Choice Restaurant 300 Middle St 860-589-9118 Bristol Map N
Chef Glenn's Kitchen Restaurant 162 Park St 860-585-1931 Bristol Map N
China Kitchen Chinese 827 Pine St 860-582-0300 Bristol Map N
China Star Chinese 311 Main St 860-583-1222 Bristol Map N
Chopsticks Kitchen Chinese 45 South St 860-589-0466 Bristol Map N
Corner Pizza Restaurant Pizza 483 Farmington Ave 860-583-0134 Bristol Map N
Crystal Luncheonette Restaurant 43 Main St 860-589-7533 Bristol Map N
D'angelo's Sub Shop 838 Farmington Ave 860-583-6736 Bristol Map N
Dunkin Donuts Coffee Shop 15 Pine St 860-589-5899 Bristol Map N
Emeralds Cafe Café 388 Broad St 860-585-0589 Bristol Map N
Forestville Diner Diner 14 E Main St 860-589-9434 Bristol Map N
Frank's Apizza Pizza 926 Stafford Ave 860-582-0132 Bristol Map N
Frank's Restaurant Restaurant 99 Farmington Ave 860-584-0002 Bristol Map N
Friendly's Restaurant American 497 Farmington Ave 860-589-1059 Bristol Map N
Golden Pagoda Restaurant 1235 Farmington Ave 860-583-9514 Bristol Map N
Greer's Chicken Restaurant 64 Matthews St 860-583-3191 Bristol Map N
Greer's Chicken Restaurant 64 Matthews St 860-583-3191 Bristol Map N
Holley's Restaurant Restaurant 190 Main St 860-582-1486 Bristol Map N
Jillian's Restaurant & Lounge Restaurant 42 Century Dr 860-585-7836 Bristol Map N
KFC Fast Food 470 Farmington Ave 860-582-9439 Bristol Map N
L J's Pizza Restaurant Pizza 101 Maple St 860-582-4115 Bristol Map N
La Monico's Restaurant Restaurant 897 Farmington Ave 860-582-3194 Bristol Map N
La Tortue & The Hare Restaurant 457 N Main St 860-582-6616 Bristol Map N
Lee Po Chinese Kitchen Chinese 1066 Farmington Ave 860-589-1011 Bristol Map N
Lucy & Ricky's Kitchen Restaurant 64 Walnut St 860-582-0150 Bristol Map N
Lynn's Restaurant Restaurant 65 N Main St 860-582-3066 Bristol Map N
M G Pizza Pizza 90 Burlington Ave 860-583-8480 Bristol Map N
Mc Donald's Fast Food 646 Farmington Ave 860-589-7313 Bristol Map N
Mc Donald's Fast Food 100 Main St 860-582-6069 Bristol Map N
Mike's Pizza Restaurant Pizza 182 Pine St 860-589-2566 Bristol Map N
Nice Chinese Restaurant Chinese 294 Middle St 860-585-5152 Bristol Map N
Nick & Gino's Downtown Cafe Café 118 Main St 860-582-6853 Bristol Map N
Nuchie's Restaurant Restaurant 164 Central St 860-582-1108 Bristol Map N
Oasis Restaurant Restaurant 782 Pine St 860-585-9393 Bristol Map N
Pavilion Restaurant Restaurant 781 King St 860-583-1359 Bristol Map N
People's Choice Restaurant 170 Riverside Ave 860-585-9449 Bristol Map N
Pine Street Pizza Restaurant Pizza 962 Pine St 860-314-1366 Bristol Map N
Pizza House Pizza 1218 Farmington Ave 860-583-8013 Bristol Map N
Pizza Hut Pizza Route 6 860-583-9119 Bristol Map N
Pizza Plus Inc Pizza 751 Terryville Ave 860-582-3337 Bristol Map N
Players Choice Restaurant 300 Middle St 860-589-9118 Bristol Map N
Riverside Restaurant Restaurant 170 Riverside Ave 860-582-7009 Bristol Map N
Rodd's Restaurant Restaurant 854 Farmington Ave 860-589-0052 Bristol Map N
Stafford Diner Diner 100 Stafford Ave 860-583-8131 Bristol Map N
Subway Sandwiches & Salads Sub Shop 123 Farmington Ave 860-584-9816 Bristol Map N
Subway Sandwiches & Salads Sub Shop 1197 Farmington Ave 860-585-9099 Bristol Map N
Subway Sandwiches & Salads Sub Shop 182 Main St 860-585-7887 Bristol Map N
Subway Sandwiches & Salads Sub Shop 296 Middle St 860-583-4014 Bristol Map N
Superior Pizza & Restaurant Pizza 274 Middle St 860-582-1295 Bristol Map N
Taco Bell Fast Food 1146 Farmington Ave 860-589-5338 Bristol Map N
Taipei & Tokyo Restaurant Japanese 106 North St 860-583-1188 Bristol Map N
Taste Of China Chinese 910 Stafford Ave 860-585-0503 Bristol Map N
Tracie's Pub Brewpub 8 Divinity St 860-584-1107 Bristol Map N
Wah Lung Restaurant Chinese 2 Divinity St 860-584-0452 Bristol Map N
Wang's King Garden Chinese 579 Farmington Ave 860-589-2662 Bristol Map N
West End Pizza Pizza 15 Park St 860-589-0850 Bristol Map N
Antonio's Italian Bistro Italian 270 Federal Rd 203-740-8664 Brookfield Map N
Baker House Inc Restaurant 316 Federal Rd 203-775-6605 Brookfield Map N
Burger King Fast Food 126 Federal Rd 203-775-8289 Brookfield Map N
Carousel Diner Diner 106 Federal Rd 203-775-8008 Brookfield Map N
Down The Hatch Restaurant Restaurant 292 Candlewood Lake Rd 203-775-6635 Brookfield Map N
Fiddler's Restaurant Restaurant 189 Federal Rd 203-775-7072 Brookfield Map N
Franco's Pizza Cafe Pizza 143 Federal Rd 203-775-9414 Brookfield Map N
Golden Leaf Chinese Restaurant Chinese 1024 Federal Rd 203-775-4597 Brookfield Map N
Hearth Restaurant Restaurant RR 7 203-775-3360 Brookfield Map N
India Kitchen Indian 483 Federal Rd 203-775-5599 Brookfield Map N
John's Best Pizza Pizza RR 7 203-775-1297 Brookfield Map N
Main Moon Restaurant 782 Federal Rd 203-775-1088 Brookfield Map N
Nino's Restaurant Inc Restaurant 371 Candlewood Lake Rd 203-775-2191 Brookfield Map N
Osaka Japanese Restaurant Japanese 777 Federal Rd 203-740-7790 Brookfield Map N
Pancho's & Gringo's Mexican Mexican 777 Federal Rd 203-775-0096 Brookfield Map N
Panda King Chinese 143 Federal Rd 203-775-6008 Brookfield Map N
Pasta Gardens Restaurant 174 Federal Rd 203-775-0426 Brookfield Map N
Pizza Hut Pizza Federal Rd 203-740-8845 Brookfield Map N
Red Colony Diner Restaurant 121 Federal Rd 203-775-1182 Brookfield Map N
Rocco's Restaurant & Pizza Pizza 800 Federal Rd 203-740-0021 Brookfield Map N
Savoy Restaurant 265 Federal Rd 203-775-1625 Brookfield Map N
Subway Sandwiches & Salads Sub Shop 814 Federal Rd 203-740-2066 Brookfield Map N
Sushi Yoshi Japanese 132 Federal Rd 203-775-1985 Brookfield Map N
Brooklyn Pizza Restaurant Pizza 109 Hartford Rd 860-779-9838 Brooklyn Map N
Golden Lamb Buttery Restaurant 499 Wolf Den Rd 860-774-4423 Brooklyn Map N
Hank's Restaurant Restaurant 416 Providence Rd 860-774-6071 Brooklyn Map N
Beaudry's Cafe Restaurant 11 Covey Rd 860-675-1715 Burlington Map N
Blimpie Of Burlington Sub Shop 292 Spielman Hwy 860-675-0255 Burlington Map N
Marinelli's Supper Club Restaurant 175 Monce Rd 860-673-0406 Burlington Map N
O'hagan's Restaurant Restaurant 292 Spielman Hwy 860-673-6881 Burlington Map N
Two Guy's Cookhouse Restaurant 262 Spielman Hwy 860-673-9584 Burlington Map N










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